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Can You Duplicate Car Keys?

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Locksmith, Tips | 0 comments

Can You Duplicate Car Keys?

The Big Question When You’re Locked Out Or Lost Your Keys

When someone calls JB Lock And Key and asks, “can you duplicate car keys?” we could say “what kind?” and talk about the many sophisticated electronic locking systems today’s vehicles have. The truth is, more often than not the answer is simple: yes! Our licensed, professional, and trained locksmith has the equipment and knowledge to duplicate car keys for both foreign and domestic vehicles. They can even create keys to replace your lost original, using their expertise as an experienced locksmith. If you were worried that it was going to be an expensive trip to the dealer, or even a tow to the dealer if you’ve lost your last key, breathe. It’s not that bad. Our emergency locksmith can come to you and will charge a reasonable price. If you’re thinking ahead, you’re probably wondering if that includes key fobs, and the answer is yes again. These days, keys and fob are inseparable, and we can replace and program them together.

A Backup Set Is Fairly Cheap Insurance

Today’s car keys are sophisticated items with electronic as well as mechanical functions. Still, having our mobile locksmith duplicate a car key for your car, truck, or SUV tends to be less costly than dealing with an emergency unlock or lost key situation. Why not get a spare set to carry with you, especially on longer drives out of town? We’re still here for you in Wichita when you need emergency locksmith service, but we can also help you prepare for situations that nearly everyone has.

Locked Out? Our Emergency Locksmith Comes To You And Makes the Keys

Sometimes you’re busy and getting duplicate car keys isn’t one of your priorities. When you’re locked out or have lost your keys, it’s a priority all right, but there’s no easy way to get going and get them. Fortunately, you can make the call and a vehicle with JB Lock And Key on the side will come and our skilled locksmith can take care of everything on the spot throughout Wichita. There’s no compromise either, we use quality hardware and parts, have fair pricing, and do great work. You’ll be on your way and all set.

Locksmith Technology Has Answers For Challenging Lost Key Situations

A deep knowledge of lock and key technology, both classic and modern electronic versions, gives our JB Lock And Key locksmiths unique abilities. They can use a lock as a template for its own keys, cutting new keys without an original to copy. When vehicles require communication with the key or fob to ensure that it’s genuine, they can program the car’s computer to recognize the new key or fob that they make. You’ll have to provide specific information, such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle, type of key or fob. The title, registration and VIN may be helpful as well. It’s no wonder that some dealerships outsource their lock and key services to locksmiths!

Precision Key Cutting And Programming For Reliable Key Copies

Both standard mechanical keys and the electronic portion of keys and fobs can malfunction, denying you access. This happens for a variety of reasons, with regular keys it’s often wear of the key or lock mechanism, or a cut that was never what it should have been. Our locksmiths cut and program keys carefully and precisely, giving you reliable ones you can trust. When you ask, “can you duplicate car keys?” in Wichita, KS, at JB Lock And Key we say, “yes!”

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