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Commercial businesses need to be secure in order to make both customers and employees feel safe. That means making use of a quality commercial locksmith. At JB Lock and Key, we get that, which is why we offer our clients a wide variety of locksmith services in order to make that happen. We can outfit businesses with custom security setups, intricate lock and key designs, door, and lock repair, and whatever other locksmith-related service you can think of. If you have a problem that you think we might be able to tackle, then give us a call to find out! Now let’s discuss what kind of services we regularly tackle.

Durable Commercial-Grade Door Hardware

collage of commercial-grade door hardware, hinges, door handles, exit devices, door closers

We can handle all your commercial door hardware and lock needs including (from top left) hinges, deadbolts, and security plates, locking door handles, exit devices, crash bars, and door closers.

When you have a door handle that’s old and flimsy, a door that’s sagging because the hinges are old or not sturdy enough, or you need to make sure all your commercial doors are fully accessible according to the ADA and local fire codes, you should give us a call. We can also rekey all your existing locks so they work with a single key, repair all types of locks, and even repair and/or rekey mailboxes.  We also specialize in all types of accessible door closers, crash bars, and exit devices.

High-Security Lock and Key Systems

There are a million types of locks out there, but not all are created equal. Locksets and keys that you find in your local hardware store or big box store seem sturdy enough and the price can be really reasonable, but they’re not as secure as you think. If you want to ensure your retail shop, office building, apartment building, duplex, or commercial warehouse is secure you’ll want to invest in commercial-grade, tamper-proof deadbolts, handle locks, and even high-security keys. 

When you call us for an appointment we’ll inspect your property and give you our professional opinion on what type and brand of lock and key system will perform best for your situation based on your needs and budget. Once a decision has been made about the locks that will be installed we can also key all of them to work with the same key if that’s what you want. If you own or manage an apartment building or office suite, we can set up a master key system so your property managers can access all the locks with their main master key while the tenants have their own unique key.

Keypad and Smart Locks

More and more businesses are turning to keypad and Smart Locks for their buildings because they’re so convenient. If you prefer a traditional analog lock, we can install heavy-duty weatherproof push-button keypad locks on your exterior doors and even on the gates around your property. Electronic digital keypad locks are also a great option but work best when protected from harsh weather, but both types are convenient because you can change the combination as often as you like without worrying about rekeying locks or having new keys cut.

Smart Locks that are wifi enabled are wonderful because they can be operated with your smartphone or the keypad.  They can also be programmed and operated remotely by your property manager or head of security even when they’re not on site. They can also be programmed with different codes for different people so you can restrict access based on what rooms or areas they’re qualified to access. Maintenance staff can be given codes that access every room, while regular 9-5 employees only have access to the areas where they work on a daily basis.

We Only Use the Best Commerical Hardware

At JB Lock and Key, we’re continuously adapting to the many different technological developments made every day in the world of security. We strive to improve with every year, and learn about the different hardware and equipment that’s available to use. Currently, we use equipment from established brands such as Kwikset, Yale, Detex, Adams Rite, and other high-security brands. As new technologies are introduced, we’ll incorporate them into what we do. If you have questions about what kinds of systems are available to you and your business, then call us for a conversation. We’ll find out what level of security you want for your property and then work within your budget to find the hardware for your needs.

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