Car Key Replacement

We can copy keys, fobs, and remotes for most makes and models.

Car Key Replacement For All Types of Vehicles

Locksmiths are lock and key experts, and we spend years training in the trade to learn about computer programming, security systems, and all about lock and key technology. Most people don’t understand how complex locksmithing is, but locks and keys are designed to outsmart clever thieves. Security experts spend just as much time as locksmiths on learning how to design locks that most people can’t surpass.

Flip key we repaired and a valet/emergency key we cut for a local client

This client’s flip key was malfunctioning so we repaired it and replaced the battery. We also cut them an extra valet/emergency key that will open just the door.

The locksmith at JB Lock and Key is an expert on the technology that goes into high-security locks and car key replacement, especially when it comes to high-tech vehicle keys. Not only does this locksmith understand the intricacies of getting past locks to get in your vehicle, but he can also replace broken or malfunctioning car keys or make spare keys so you never get locked out again.

Smart keys have computer chips in them that can communicate with the vehicle’s computer. Like any computer chip, the chip in your keys is corruptible, and it can be damaged by exposure to the elements or physical damage from being dropped or smashed. When these chips malfunction, we know how to erase any faulty or corrupted programming and reset the chip back to like-new condition. If it can’t be reset, we have everything we need to get you a car key replacement made quickly.

We’re Well-Versed In All Types of Automotive Keys and Remotes

Lost or damaged car keys/fobs/remotes are a major inconvenience, and it is quite literally an emergency that can prevent you from getting home or going to work. Our locksmiths have years of experience and can tackle just about any auto lock and key or remote start, key programming, key fob, or chipped key problem. We have a huge variety of key blanks, fobs, and remotes along with all the key cutting and programming equipment necessary to make new keys for you right on the spot. If you’ve lost all your keys, we can make new ones from scratch, and in some cases, we can repair a malfunctioning fob or remote. We can work on a huge range of car, van, truck, and SUV makes and models so give us a call and we’ll come to you to replace keys for these models and provide these related services:

  • Car key programming
  • lost key replacement
  • Infiniti car key
  • Honda car key
  • Nissan car key
  • Ford car key
  • GM car key
  • Chevrolet car keys
  • Cadillac car keys
  • Mazda car key
  • Hyundai car keys
  • Kia car keys
  • Lexus car keys
  • Jaguar car keys
  • Prox keys
  • Remote head keys
  • Intelligent keys
  • Smart keys
  • Transponder key cutting
  • Key fob replacement
  • Key fob programming
  • Laser car key maker
  • Car remotes
  • Key fob battery replacement
  • Honda remote
  • Toyota remote
  • Lexus remote
  • GM remote
  • Add a key BMW
  • Add a key Mercedes
  • Dealer only keys

When you need an auto locksmith, give JB Lock and Key a call. We can help you night or day.

Service and Parts You Can Trust

When you need a locksmith who can handle a complex car key replacement job, you need JB Lock and Key. We use high-quality hardware and parts that we guarantee and warranty from Schlage, Kwikset, Adams Rite, Yale, and Detex. We’re available for 24-hour emergency mobile car locksmith service in Wichita, Augusta, El Dorado, and Butler and Sedgwick Counties. Call now for pricing and questions about our coverage area.

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