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Call us for door lock installation and repair, key copies, and when you want your locks rekeyed.

We Can Handle All Your Home’s Lock, Key, and Other Security Needs

Even if you welcome visitors to your home and tend to leave your door unlocked, it pays to have strong security when you need it. Our 24-hour residential locksmith at JB Lock and Key is there for you when you break your key off in the door or decide that it’s time to add a deadbolt lock for extra protection. Our mobile locksmith serves Wichita, Augusta, El Dorado, Butler, and Sedgwick Counties with affordable, professional local locksmith service. From digital door locks to overlooked access coverage like patio door locks and sliding door locks, we can take good care of you and your family. Our home locksmith service takes care of everything from door installation to installing locks and replacement hardware from top brands like Schlage, Kwikset, Adams Rite, Yale, and Detex that we guarantee and warranty. If you’re looking for keyless access to make life easier for your family, we can help with keypad locks and digital door locks as well.

24-Hour Residential Locksmith Service

We recently rekeyed a bunch of deadbolts for a local client who wanted all of them to work with the same key. (top) We can also install a variety of Smart Locks for you including ones that can be operated with your smartphone. (bottom)

We recently rekeyed a bunch of deadbolts for a local client who wanted all of them to work with the same key (top). We can also install a variety of Smart Locks for you including ones like this Kwikset model that can be operated with your smartphone (bottom).

If you’re locked out of the house, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can call us for help. Hopefully, it’s just a lost key, but we can also help with a key broken off in the lock, and pop a lock that’s not working, along with unlocking doors when you’ve locked yourself out. If there’s damage to your door or lock, we provide kick-in repair, door installation and repairs, and lock repair. Sometimes new lock installation is the best solution to your security problems, but if lock rekeying and making new key copies takes care of your concerns, we can do that easily. We use Schlage locks and Kwikset locks, and install them professionally so your door is solidly locked.

Smart Lock Installation and Other New Lock Technologies

It’s important to make sure that your new digital door lock, keypad lock, or other new keyless technology still provides solid physical protection. When we perform smart lock installation, we make sure that the door is in good shape so intruders can’t bypass your lock because of a weak door. For extra security, we can install a deadbolt lock that holds tight when you’re away on vacation or otherwise need extra protection.

Rekeying Locks

When you move into a new home or if your property has been broken into it’s always a good idea to immediately change your locks. It’s easy enough to go to the local hardware store and pick up some new locksets and deadbolts, but that can be expensive and those off-the-shelf locks aren’t as secure as you think they are. An affordable, secure, and convenient option is to have your locks rekeyed. When we rekey locks we remove the lock cylinder from each lock and change the pins so the lock will work with a brand new, unique key. Another benefit of rekeying is that we can rekey multiple doorknob locks and deadbolts to work with the same key.

Making Keys for Unknown Locks and Copying Unique Keys

Do you have locks without keys or keys without locks that you’re afraid to throw away? We can help you match up locks and keys, and make new keys for locks whose keys are long gone. That includes padlocks, cabinets, safes, and other items in your home that may have been around for a long time. If you’ve bought at auction or inherited an item without a key, we can pop a lock or provide unlock services and make new keys to match. It’s amazing what our residential locksmith can do.

Your Expert Residential Locksmith Serving the Wichita Area

At JB Lock and Key, our locksmith is mobile and on-call around the clock in Wichita and surrounding counties, ready to provide house locksmith services including unlocking when you don’t have your keys, and securing your home if your lock or door is damaged. Let us help you with peace of mind, call us whenever you need residential locksmith service from a locksmith near me.


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